If you are looking beyond basic compliance and it is time to start, grow or develop your business, then we can support your project to move forward and get the right solution in place.

Even if you are in the early stages of considering a brand new idea and have no idea where to start we can give you a helping hand.


We have developed two levels of membership that will give you access to our expertise - giving you dedicated time to ask your specific questions around developing your business and what you need to do as a business owner. We obviously specialise in finance but we will also ask specialists in other areas such as HR, IT, Marketing... to offer advice to businesses just like yours on a regular basis.


To find out more visit our membership information page here

You can also book a brief one to one session to go through any queries

5-10 minutes - free get to know you session


Do you have a problem you just want some help to work through? We can help you with online support, including the option of screen share, whether you are having trouble working through a business plan or need a spreadsheet fix......

Short working session - up to 25 minutes *

Longer working session - up to 50 minutes*

If you do have a larger scale problem and want to talk through the best way forward, contact us to discuss it, just click here


Or tell us what you would like to see here or have help with....Feedback form


* Prices include VAT. We can't solve a serious problem in a short session, we will give you the best direction we can with the information available.

Contact us

Davidson House, Forbury Square
Email: info@jt-accounting.co.uk0118 900 0757




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